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A 2nd Amendment discussion.
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CNN Article

Post by AirRanger »

I feel any law abiding sane of age legal American white to black and all colors in between should be able to own firearms. I don't know of any laws that restrict a person from buying a gun based on race. This is a long article, interesting and a bit annoying all in one. ... ?hpt=hp_t4
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Re: CNN Article

Post by Deano »

We need one of these --> :shaking head in disbelief:

I agree with your comments and assessment of that article.
I will also add that, in my opinion, the radical bulk of it is biased BS and doesn't represent current reality.

The NRA couldn't respond like this for the article, but I could have. I would start by pointing out that just because the writer, a self proclaimed sociologist, thinks gun control is about race and not the 2nd Amendment, does not make it so; it only goes to show his lack of understanding of the issue at hand. Other parts of Constitution guarantees him the ability to say whatever he wants; however cross-threaded. That does not mean he is educated about the subject matter, it only makes it seem as though he wants to share a motel room with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson so he can use their podium in the morning while the media is their to disseminate their ill conceived theories.

It is a perfect example of the 'divide and conquer' technique currently being employed by the powers that be and their puppet for the masses, the liberal media. We will see what happens after the GJ breaks in Ferguson. The media has already created, and continues to fuel the coming circus, unbeknownst to the willing participants who have been told they are being taken advantage of and it needs to stop here. :banghead:
"The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics,
but it is not the path to knowledge; it has no place in the endeavor of science."
- Carl Sagan
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Re: CNN Article

Post by needcoffee »

What the author, and believe me I use the term loosely, and most of his ilk fail to understand. It that the "rights" referred to in our Constitution are inherent values of being free men. The Constitution does not guarantee those rights for citizens. Rather it restricts the abilities of the Federal and State governments to have any legal opinion or enact any legislation on these topics. In addition it specifically enumerates the powers that are given the Federal government.

In my discussions with fellows of other political beliefs. This basic thought process, espoused by every document written by the men who formed our great Republic, is alien to their ideology. Therein lies the perceived argument. They argue what the omnipotent government should let us do. I argue what we should let the government have.

The true believers of facist, socialist, and communist philosophies educate the majority of people via news and universities in this country.

You should see what bs my kids bring home from school.

anyway enuff of my soapbox.
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