Representative Joe Saunders anti-gun read

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Representative Joe Saunders anti-gun read

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This is one of many response I have received lately , this Representative Joe Saunders sounds anti-gun, anti-constitution to me but ya'll read the email then call him and/or email to let your opinions be heard! :violent1: :violent1: :violent1:

Copy and paste of email I received today:

Thank you for taking the time to write Representative Joe Saunders about your concerns regarding second amendment rights and gun laws. He appreciates the thoughts and comments he receives , and I will be sharing your message with him.

While the Representative is a strong believer in the constitution and the second Amendment, he is deeply concerned by the events in Newtown and the series of mass shootings we’ve had across the country in the last few years. He cannot help but feel like these acts of mass violence have become cyclical and something we’ve just grown to accept as the new normal. After some soul searching, he has joined colleagues in the legislature in calling for hard conversations at the State and Federal level about who has access to guns and what kinds.

While you and the Representative may not agree on the final outcome of this debate, your email tells him that you both share a mutual concern for the safety and well-being of our children and the public good.

Please do not hesitate to contact Representative Saunders’ office with questions or concerns.

Thank You,
Madelyn Duran

District Secretary

Office of State Representative Joe Saunders Florida House District 49

3361 Rouse Rd. Ste. 130
Orlando, FL 32817

(407) 207-7283 (Office)
(407) 207-7292 (Fax)
(407) 552-1928 (Cell)


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