Case Split Oil Leak Repair

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Case Split Oil Leak Repair

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I got a buddy with a Lycoming O-360, a 180 narrow deck. It is leaking oil between the case halves up top, near the accessory case. We found a procedure to repair it using vacuum and super glue without splitting the case (link below), just wondering if anyone has any other options they have used successfully and recommend.

The procedure that we are thinking of is as follows, performed at the next oil change:
- Drain all oil
- Clean the area around the leak down to clean metal
- Block off case vent and connect vacuum pump
- Clean the crack, Apply vacuum to the case, apply lacquer thinner to leak area
- Apply Zap A Gap Medium Green (Works on oily surfaces) to the crack with vacuum applied
- Hit it with with activator (zip quick) to set quick.
- Repeat glue and activator
- New oil, crank and try

Here is a link to the glue, scroll down to the green where it specifically says "Works on oily surfaces".

I have looked at Permatex/Loctite products, but none of them seem to press the "works on oily surfaces" point.

This link is where the idea comes from, google is great, who would have looked in a desert racing forum for info on a plane engine issue?? ... tory.5345/
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