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Thanks to everyone who helped put this together. I had a great time. I had been to Lake Kissimmee before, but did not get to really experience what it had to offer. Now I have a much better appreciation of the Kissimmee chain and specially Gardner Marsh (that was an incredible night trail ride, I'd like to see it in the daytime ). It was a 3 1/2 hour drive just to get there and you guys made it worth the trip. Good weather (just a little rain and a beautiful starlit night), good food, impressive airboats, and best of all getting the chance to meet alot of good people. Rick I can't thank you enough for creating, this is what an airboat club should be. Moodfood & AirboatRN it was nice to spend a little time with you, glad you liked my boat but it is not nearly as impressive as some of the others that were there. Basketcase & Ms. I'm glad you are finally happy with your boat, it is an incredible machine. Airboatcapt2 this was my first time seeing an AirRanger upclose and in person I liked alot of what I saw, I was impressed with the performance and it looks very good too. Stan sorry about your boat, glad I got to ride on it even though I had to push to do it, remember some of the worst times make for some of the best stories when you mix in friends, hope you get back into the water soon. CChardt & Dakota I really liked the way your boat was set up, very clean and I was suprised at how light it was for a car motor. BigDaddy you did a great job with the main course. Cntry141IQ thanks for leading the trail ride and redneck rescue. BlackPowderScout Thanks for leading the way home. I know there are some that I met and did not mention, everyone was great. I look forward to more of these monthly runs, it gives us a chance to see new and different airboat country and spend time with some of the best people. LONG LIVE SOUTHERNAIRBOAT.COM


Good Ride

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Glad to hear everyone had a good ride & returned in one piece, even if one boat didn't. Had a great time even without sleep. Thanks to all who helped push my 16x8 airbarge off the muck at the MilkBus. (It did run the hill fine at BS hill, as many saw)

Kissimmee is great airboat country and ya'll only saw a small part of it. There are 3 lakes to the North, Gardner Marsh to the East, Kissimmee & the Kissimmee River to the South, dumping into Lake Okeechobee.

You can thank the members of the Kissimmee River Valley Sportsmen's Association (KRVSA) for opening these areas to recreation. Most of the lakeshore of this area, up to the 100 year floodplain elevation, is open to airboats, hunting, fishing, camping, ect thanks to the hard work of KRVSA members. It took a few law suits to open this PUBLIC LAND up to us, the public. Prior to the lawsuits, much of ths area was off limits, with harassment, arrests & tickets common. (Same in Citrus county with Potts on Lake Hernando & Flying Eagle)

While it's nice to have areas to run our vessels as they were manufactured to operate, we would have about 90% less areas to run if it were not for the 28 airboat-conservation clubs across the state who's members attend meeting, raise funds, file law suits, hire counsel, direct lobbyists and fight for our rights to recreate.

I ask for those of ya'll that are not a member of an airboat-sportsmen-conservation club consider joining one of the Florida Airboat Association affiliate organizations. The investment you make into a club/association is chump change compared to your vessel investment. We, as sportsmen, have many more battles in front of us & need to rally as many troops (sportsmen) to the flag to turn the tide in our favor. I believe we are at a turning point now & must keep the momentum going. Please visit or your current Airboat World for a club near you. Make the investment!

Happy hunting,

In conjuction with the SWF Water Management District, in June, KRVSA members placed about 6 pick-nic tables out around the lake & marsh for public use. Enjoy them.


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