We need a cook...PLEASE!!!

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We need a cook...PLEASE!!!

Post by blackpowderscout »

Hey guys and gals, I just got word of an offer for some gator meat to be donated for the ride on the 8th to raise some funds. Unlike the sausages which only need warming, these will need cooking. If anyone is planning on being there in time to cook and would like to help out PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!

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Post by SwampMatt »

While at work today I'm going to sandblast and clean up two scraps pf expanded metal. (the kind that's been pressed flat) One is about 18" x 24" the other is about 18" x 48"

Just need some rocks or something to set them on. I was thinking of welding a scrap of angle iron or sq.tubing on them to keep them rigid.

Any suggestions?

That sounds good BPS about the yummy gator meat.


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Post by stan »

mood i like my gator fried . now if i were to get my motor back together and everthing else works out alright it would be no trouble to load up the fryer and grease when i come down .we'll see how it works out this weekend


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