Diamondback Thread Split

This one's over, but you can still read about it here.
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Post by SwampMatt »

BigDaddy wrote:Blackpowderscout,

Oh Boy, 30 boats max? Now that sounds like a wager to me.

I'll put $10.00 on every boat under 30 if you'll put $10.00 on every one over $30. Proceeds to Operation Airboat 11 or FAA Lobbyiest Fund - your choice.

blackpowderscout wrote:BigDaddy.. YOU'RE ON
:wink: Adam

Just wondering if there were any welches on the bet.




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Post by blackpowderscout »

I counted 29 boats. I also verified that with a few participants.... :P

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Post by Dakota »

It is ashame it is only $10. I was rooting for ya Big Daddy but I think he got you.


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