Palm Beach Hulls

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Re: Palm Beach Hulls

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I don't think photobucket makes it very easy for sharing images like this, but here's what you would put in your post that would show your image from your gallery here on SA without downloading it and uploading it as an attachment:

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You'd just pull up your full size image (either here on SA or another site), then copy & paste the image's internet address (url) into your post, then highlight the text and click the little image button above the posting area. That adds the img tags and displays your image.


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Re: Palm Beach Hulls

Post by fhp6 »

lycomingkid wrote:
Thu May 28, 2020 1:35 pm
Here you go BE9CD443-08F3-4EF0-ADEE-457BCCD26DF1.jpegfhp that’s a good lookin rig ya got there
Thank you!!
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Re: Palm Beach Hulls

Post by lycomingkid »

I’m just waiting on my starter to get back from being rebuilt :banghead: so I can get back to running my boat and givin her hell this weekend on lake O :toothy7: hopefully I’ll have it back before this weekend
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