How TO Report N. FL Hazards

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How TO Report N. FL Hazards

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HOW TO REPORT: Start a new thread for your county or add to an existing county thread. Copy and paste the sample report below into your post so all reports have the same format. Then edit in the changes for your report. PM me or post if I left anything out. I will fix it and delete all posts that are not Hazard Reports. This is not a DISCUSSION, only reports, all others will be removed. Report removal by using the RED Exclamation mark on the original report and just fill in report as "Other" and type "Hazard is removed". Do not file a second report for removal. For Discussions of hazards please start a thread in Safety Parent Forum. You may file an amended report to report adding flags or markers. Just add the words AMENDED in front of the words HAZARD REPORT


HAZARD/CAUTION/NOISE ABATMENT(remove what does not apply)

Date: October 10 2012

LAT: 28* 03' 46.59N
LON: 80* 47' 21.49W

Hazard: Submerged Trestle Pilings

Short location description: South River, Leaving little Lake Sawgrass
Is Hazard Marked: NO

Old Train Trestle Pilings in center of channel. Canal on left and camp sites.

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