Citrus County

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Citrus County

Post by Tomo »


HAZARD/CAUTION/NOISE ABATMENT: better to stay on plain than go slow!

County: Citrus
Date: April 24 2014

LAT: N 28* 58.360'
LON: 82* 19.221'W

Hazard: Bad A$$ rocks

Short location description: Withlacoochee 1/2 mile north of big blue springs
Is Hazard Marked: NO

Comment: White house in corner, stay left-when_traveling_south!-

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Re: Citrus County

Post by clark-kentski »

Thanks !

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Re: Citrus County

Post by junglecat »

Thats right around the corner from where they filmed the Disney movie Wahoo Bobcat in the early 60's.
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Re: Citrus County

Post by Deano »


Date: May 24, 2016

LAT: 28* 50' 50.92"N
LON: 82* 12' 49.22"W

Hazard: Submerged Pilings - Old bridge remnants

Location description: Withlacoochee River (Sumter County side backwaters)
- Appox. 1/3 mile south of HWY 44 Bridge/boat ramp
Is Hazard Marked: YES

Comment: Above coordinates are SW end piling.
Hazard area goes approx. 56* NE about 250 ft. to the far tree line.
There may be additional pilings at the NE end that are not currently marked, BEWARE !!

Satellite View:
PHOTO - Looking north:
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