The Alaska pipeline

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Re: The Alaska pipeline

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Olf Art wrote:
akblackdawg wrote:It hurts your lungs when you breath!!! If you live in a tent, its only -30 F. If you throw a cup of black hot coffee in the air, it comes down as black snow. Best to stay away, stick to shooting bunny rabbits and bambi......Bud
Emmitt, if you believe all of that then I've got a big bag of sticks and we can call it a Christmas tree! :lol: :lol:
They're doin' the same thing we here in Florida shoulda' done 40 yrs. ago to keep the Yankees up in New Jersey where they belong.

Alaska is magnificent, and it's only too cold if you forgot to dress right.
The downfall of Florida is air conditioning. If you weren't allowed to have it in your home or car, Florida would look like it used to back in the 1960's......

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