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WANTED - 5/16 Poly sheet

Slidin Gator

Well-known member
The last poly post. Conclusion was a welded seam from Classic/Panther or British made high dollar from Gatorback/Duroglid in Clearwater. If you are putting poly on a canoe or trailer I got some cut offs :poop:

Where's the poly?

Slidin Gator

Well-known member
Probably will go the Clearwater route when their shipment arrives unless someone has a sheet available killing the weeds

Something like this?

Weed Poly.jpg

This is me last time I went to Clearwater to get poly. What do they make it out of? Oil?

Poly Cash #1.jpg

Ended up with a $30 parking ticket in Sarasota for not being inside the lines with my trailer load of plastic. They still haven't cashed my check, best I don't go back there for a while.