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K&N filter - anyone running them?


I have a lot of room between the top of the flame arrestor and the bottom of my engine hatches. I'm tempted to get one of the 9" K&N marine filters which you would figure would allow for higher volume airflow. Plus, it's filtered more than the flame arrestor. I'm not on dirt roads that often so that would be a bonus

What do you guys think? I think I have the biggest flame arrestor at around 3" tall now.


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I run one on a 90* neck off of the carb, no issue at all. Might be questionable if it's legal or not, had someone tell me one time that an aircraft engine is required to have a "spark arrester", not an air filter. I have not had any issues performance wise, nor has FWC ever questioned my air filter.


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I run one on my carbd LS2 waterthunder. I also run a prefilter on it. I don't run any debri or dirt so Im not worried about its filtering capabilities but I do like to think that it breathes easier.