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Hot question of the day.


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I just went to the courthouse to buy my 2012 Boat and trailer tags. Boy it hurts
sometimes. As I was standing there looking at all of the vanity plates hanging
on the wall it occurred to me there was no vanity plate that represents Air Boats
in Florida. Now they have Ducks tags Snook Tags Challenger Tags and my favorite
that is on my truck the USCG tag. But no Airboat tags.
Now it is my understanding that the extra money that you pay (or a portion of it)
for that vanity tag each year goes to support the special interest represented on
that tag. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Has anyone out there tried to get this pushed through and approved?
With all of the stuff that the FAA battles each year to protect the one common
joy we all share on SA. A historic Florida tradition that each year the government tries to
deprive us of. That all takes dollars to fight. And with the growing popularity that is
being seen is our activity it would only make sense to put money back into something we all
enjoy and want to protect.
I for one would most certainly replace my USCG tag with one and be happy to pay the extra knowing the money would be used in my best interest.
Tell me how or who and I'll be more than happy to make those phone calls.

j :florida:


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I am glad someone brought this up I was wondering this myself,I know I would by one I now have a firefighter tag seems I use to be a firefighter but it would be nice to have one support a heritage that is slowly disapearing. :rebel:


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Hey Jaymac
Just a little ??
Did you notice that the USCG tag is backward (screwed up)

Check the RED stripe - ( The BLUE is supposed to be behind not leading like shown on the tag )

How many people noticed that ???

Been that way since they were released ??? Go Figure ?

:old_glory: :rebel:


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R. I. P.

"The Law

Section 320.08053, Florida Statutes, outlines the requirements an organization must meet to request a new specialty license plate be created. Section 320.08056, Florida Statutes, provides the responsibilities of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in developing and issuing specialty license plates when legislation authorizes a new specialty license plate to be established.

Application Requirements

With the exception of specialty license plates that were authorized during the 2008 Legislative Session or submitted requirements by a specific date, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles may not issue any new specialty license plates pursuant to ss. 320.08056 and 320.08058, Florida Statutes, between July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2014.

Legislation must be enacted to establish a new specialty license plate design....................."


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I know it's too late, but I thought about the same thing when they were doing Quarters for every state. Woulda been sweet to have airboats on the Florida state quarter!