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Help with motor and esc


hellos, I’m trying to repower my old nitro airboat with brushless motor. I put a surpass hobby 2000 kv brushless motor and 150 amp esc car motor on my 36”x 16” airboat, it weighs 7 lbs. the esc burned up after 8-10 minutes of run time. Was wondering are the car motors not a good choice for the airboats or did I just go with the wrong combo? Also what motor and esc would work well with this set up? Thanks.


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Worng combo. You'll need an outrunner brushless motor, the esc should be fine. The only benefits of using a car/truck esc is you'll have reverse on your airboat... im running 1700kv outrunner, w/ an 80a esc runs great but still gets warm especially running it dry. you'll find alot more info in the proper r/c forums, as you've asked all these real airboaters for advice for your r/c model. I just happen to love both!