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Headwaters lake Airboat BAN


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No airboats in Fellsmere's Headwaters Lake, but I suggested "like for like" no outboards in Stickmarsh/Farm 13. Here's response...

Airboats are prohibited at Headwaters due to the stipulations that were agreed upon by the SJRWMD and Fellsmere Joint Ventures as part of the sale of the property from FJV to SJRWMD. It was part of the legal contract for the district to acquire the property. Therefore, the district does not allow airboats to be on the property of Fellsmere Water Management Area.

There are no plans to restrict boating access on the Stickmarsh/Farm 13 property.

Trevor Knight

Regional Fisheries Administrator, Northeast Region

Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management

1239 SW 10th Street

Ocala, FL 34471



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:rebel: That ship has sailed. FJV property adjoins Headwaters Lake and supposedly FJV is going to have a large residential development there. Probably concern about noise caused the anti-airboat clause in the sales contract, although I have heard that one of the FJV principles has a thing against airboats. Here's the quid pro quo, our tax dollars funded the lake development which creates waterfront property for FJV. SJRWMD would not have been able to buy the property without the anti-airboat clause.
Moral of the story, get involved with your local club and Fl. Airboat Association. Rights are being attacked from all levels of government. :rebel: