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Eastern Airlines Flt 401 Crash


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If I remember correctlhttp://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB3/posting.php?mode=reply&f=61&t=1992#y there were many pictures posted throughout this thread.

John C

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Here is a pic of Buds airboat before and after. Right now his airboat is still parked at his house.


Bud didn't want to let us take his airboat at first. But when he saw it when we gave it back to him he looked like a kid on Christmas morning. Priceless. He was a very Happy man.


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That's Bud riding his restored Airboat on one of the top Pics on this sight,,,


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there was another boater to help that night that hasn't been mentioned. My brother Billy Henson was on his way out to 40 mile bend to go to our camp. he got stopped at l67 on the trail by the fhp. they commandeered him & his boat for about 4 hours.
when he finally made to the camp, he was very quiet. we didn't know about the crash at that time. when we finally heard about it, he only mentioned in passing that he helped bring bodies in. it took over 5 years for him to really talk about what he saw that night. too much for a 18 year old kid to endure. Billy passed away in 2003. just thought he should be mentioned here. RIP Billy


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