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  1. goldhunter_2

    anyone have a good source for conversion U- joints?

    Does anyone have a good source for conversion U- joints? (two different size caps) I need to go from a Kodiak drive shaft caps are 1.388" diameter and overall width cap to cap is 4.2035" and I need to go to a Dodge 2500 yoke caps are 1.184" diameter and overall width cap to cap is 4.2035"...
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    HR2620 "Lawful Purpose of Self Defense" bill contact your rep to support

    Utah Rep. Rob Bishop introduces bill to clarify and protect 2nd Amendment guarantees… Important! HR2620 Lawful Purpose of Self Defense bill , Everyone please contact your rep to support and cosponsor HR2620 Suffering Obama and voting Hillary out as well and voting in a majority of Republicans...
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    FL Assault rilfe ban effective date oct 2017 , pistols, high capacity mags (over 7 rounds) spressors and more includedd

    I am asking EVERY member of Southern Airboat , their family and friends to read Fl "assault rifle" ban and don't forget to read through and notice how these bills are making high capacity mags over 7 round, pistols, threaded barrels, suppressors, and much more illegal effective Oct 2017 . I...
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    SIGN gun rights petitions

    ya'll please sign ALL these pro-gun petitions and don't forget to check your email and click the signature verify link so your signature counts.
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    New Rule Uses Social Security Records to Block Second Amendm

    Have ya'll read anything about this before? :scratch: :dontknow: :scratch: New Rule Uses Social Security Records to Block Second Amendment Rights...
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    Fired for flying Confederate flag

    Fired for flying Confederate flag Dang liberal democrats continue to discriminate against us , they whine and cry that if trump loses he has to consed the election then when there crooked politician Hillary loses they...
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    Any electricians use to the old two way capctior motors

    :banghead: Is there any electricians that is used to wiring the old two lathe motors that use a single capacitor and a 6 way frunas drum switch :dontknow: :dontknow: :dontknow: It runs fine in reverse (has for years) but forward it wasn't working I changed some wire so now the switch...
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    Sawgrass Welding in Fellsmerre Fl is Great Place !!

    Sawgrass Welding in Fellsmerre Fl is Great Place !! if ya'll need parts , airboat engine work, machinist work, new airboat hulls stop by an see Danny Emmons at Sawgras welding in Fellsmerre Fl. Today I stopped by to bring a part by that ,,,,, well lets say it had some major problems (caused by...
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    question for the transmission guru's

    I'm just think ahead an I got a question for the transmission guru's :?: My donor truck for this projects drive train is a 95 dodge ram 2500 4x4 with 12v Cummins of course, it currently has a 48rfe automatic but not the case with a PTO attachment location :( I am in no big rush, just...
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    did any grills recently go missing around fellsmerre marsh?

    Does anyone know if two or more of the park style grills have gone missing recently around Fellesmere marshes ?? :angry5: I noticed a Criagslist add guy named Chad contact number listed was 772-261-1234 in Fellsmere selling them and the pictures sure look like familer areas to me...
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    Machinest tooling question/help needed

    I know we have several machinist on here and I could use some ideas on a tooling problem. I need to bore a Gpu case and a couple jet ski cylinders and need to swap to my boring head the problem is I have a mt3 drill chuck arbor STUCK in my mill shaft an the dang arbor will not come...
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    Palm beach air ride refurburish

    well this refurbish has taken awhile to get to this point mostly due to $$$ (what can I say, Obama never sent me those $100 engraving plates) I have replaced pretty much everything hull wise except the top deck, grass rake, WPB rudder. New stringers, mostly all new bracing , new bottom /side...
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    does anyone around PSl have 25-30 AS6-12 flush head rivets ?

    Does anyone around Port Saint Lucie have 25 or 30 AS6-12 flush head rivets they would sell today? I thought I was getting 1/4" poly but when I went to pick it u it ended up being 5/16" but took it away and now I need a couple longer rivets for where the poly rolls up form bottom to side...
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    rivet gun spring broke

    well half way through doing my poly this afternoon the spring on my 4x rivet gun broke :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: I can't remember the part number now but think the last time I ordered one form Aircraft spruce it was a double spring (inner an outer) which I still have but it doesn't...
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    anyone have a Hotwire knife made up I can borrow?

    Does anyone around PSL have a Hotwire knife made up I can borrow for a few hours to trim some polymer :?:
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    is anyone reday to buy poly around PSL, Stuart, Palm City?

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone else around PSL , Stuart , Palm City is ready to buy new polymer? I called around last Thursday and poly choices seem limited , only ones even have stuff "in stock" was Hammet, Classic or TSE so I am probably going to drive up to Wade's Tuesday and get a sheet...
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    Thanks :thumbleft:
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    Happy Brithday Whitebear

    Happy birthday whitebear whats that 165 years old now :D you mite catch painterchic soon :lol: :occasion4: :occasion1: :occasion6: :occasion9: :occasion7: :occasion9: :occasion7: :occasion6: :occasion1: :occasion4:
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    15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless

    15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless L_-N9_tnWBo
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    new anti-drone ammo in stock

    one of the automated emails for a ammo places sent me this today .............. personally I think there loading them a little light