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  1. Aeon

    Marine Power 5.7L - fuel pump issues

    so if they did not delete the oil pressure cut off the motor will require pressure at the oil sender to tell the computer to run the fuel pump. you might have two senders one is a small one with a plug built in it. that's the one that feeds the ecu. its a 25$ part so easy to fix you might...
  2. Aeon

    SBC/Reduction combo?!?

    20k you can build iup some nice stuff. Plan a 2k for a 3 blade hub and one more blade.depending on hp might be better to drop to a 78" standard hub 1500 ish to change to 2.3 belt box A lot left over to rebuild your motor. Once you build the motor and know the hp talk to WW and see if you...
  3. Aeon

    SBC/Reduction combo?!?

    rebuild the small block. Stroke it and put on aluminum heads change the ch3 to a 2.3/1 get a 3 blade hub and have WW send you another blade balanced to your current blades... this would be dependent on how wide your blades are... measure them if they are 12" you can run 3 if not then you might...
  4. Aeon

    SBC/Reduction combo?!?

    ch3 can deal with quite a bit of HP... .pretty sure that wont be the weak link. Never hurts to rebuild them. They say you cant do the bearings with out sending them back but go find a heavy equipment bearing shop by you and they can do it. Its all stock stuff in there
  5. Aeon

    Fuel injection

    been running a MEFI setup for 9 years now with zero problems.
  6. Aeon

    Idle issues, dieseling

    Take a pic of the idle adjust screw, to little initial timing forces you to run that screw in opening the butterflys to get the rpm up. Advance it a bit and you need less gas and air to make it idle. Counter intuitive to fix run on but it works. Just make sure your total advance does not go to...
  7. Aeon

    How does the TQ curve affect rpms.

    on my old boat i blew up my 454 so i replaced it with a stroked ls3. running a 78" 3blade falcon i had trouble running it past 4800rpm set at the index mark. I was giving up a lot of HP!!!! and with not a lot of pitch it was not epic! That same motor with a 2.55 now spins a 82" Super wide JX...
  8. Aeon

    How does the TQ curve affect rpms.

    did not know this but guess david wine is not with carbon concepts. he was the guy that designed the falcon water walker aka powershift before that. Falcons are great props!
  9. Aeon

    How does the TQ curve affect rpms.

    Having done this same thing, you are doing it wrong. I had a 2:1 and 3 blade falcon. It worked but not very good. The falcon does like some pitch, that motor will 100% like more gear. 2.55 or 2.68 is correct for that motor. Point 52 or 67 if you are a belt guy. Bet you can't notice much change...
  10. Aeon

    Starting airboat

    I'll give you 10k for the boat and I'll take care of the starting part :) @fronty
  11. Aeon

    In need of someone that has airboat to borrow

  12. Aeon

    Input on workboat build needed

    aluminum heads for sure! lighter and less heat. You could get into a a whole thing about iron holds heat and heat makes HP and blah blah but ill take the modern combustion chambers with weight savings every time. you can boost compression enough to offset any loss in HP due to heat. is your...
  13. Aeon

    electrical component ID & replacement

    If you want to do it right... It's expensive and you need the crimp tool and connectors but its 100% water tight and all your fuses and relays are safe. https://www.waytekwire.com/item/46354/Eaton-s-Bussmann-Series-15401-2-0-1-0A-RFRM/
  14. Aeon

    Dry ground setup?

    Car motors run reduction drives to slow prop speed down. My prop maxes out at 2450, my reduction is a 2.55/1 so my motor could spin 6250 rpm before the prop is maxed out. I don't spin it that hard but I could. There are direct drive motors both car and aircraft, with them you are limited to...
  15. Aeon

    new engine

    How about some pics of what you did!!!!!!!
  16. Aeon

    What to do

    Think it's like 1500 to swap the upper pully, 2.3 is as low as you can go on a ch3. So build the BBC keep the ch3. Change out the Lower bearing (they are a standard bearing) and put on a new belt. Here is where it gets interesting, call up sensenich and ask what prop to match up to your...
  17. Aeon

    Considering my first airboat - some basic questions to get started

    be interesting to see what you can get for 35k. a 15x8 with a lsa would be a super fun ride! if you can get it for 35k.
  18. Aeon

    What to do

    If the hull can take the weight build a big inch BBC and put I a 3 blade carbon prop.. The model prop will depend on how much hp you build at 5000rpm. That will be your max engine speed with a 2/1. You can change your top pully in the belt drive to 2.3/1 that would ok with a big inch sbc
  19. Aeon

    Considering my first airboat - some basic questions to get started

    Ford vs Chevy For 35k you are not getting a monster motor so either is fine. I have had both and ran quite a bit of power through both. Both can take a ton of abuse. We have ch3 belt boxes from the 80s and they are still going strong. Belt boxes need a couple squirts of grease every ride and...
  20. Aeon

    Considering my first airboat - some basic questions to get started

    post up pics of what you look at.... important questions are, what is the reduction ratio, who made the motor, everyone lies about the motor. look inside the hull for big dents and deformation. if the poly is cracked or looks worn. heat the boat up on the trailer and have them run it up full...