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    An icon of the airboat community has passed.

    I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Gary's passing. I met and talked with him at some of the South Fla airboat races back in the 70"s. He seemed like a nice guy and was having fun with his racer. My condolences to his family and friends. Dave
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    LH So, how do you like it in Geogia? What area are you in? Sally and I have often thought...

    LH So, how do you like it in Geogia? What area are you in? Sally and I have often thought about trying to escape the heat/humidity, crowds, congestion etc of Central Fla and escaping to some place north of here. I would enjoy seeing and feeling the four seasons of the year instead of the few...
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    Old Airplane Wreck Gopher Slough

    I believe the plane was a twin engine if my old memory serves me correctly. It hit the water out in the lake. Somewhere I have some pictures of me standing on the plane before it was removed. They (FAA?) probably moved it to its final resting place near Gopher Slough. That property used to...
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    Magazines for Our Troops and Soldiers???

    Forum I have a stack of deer hunting and misc other hunting magazines here at home and would be glad to give these to anyone that is assembling stuff to send to our troops and soldiers. If these can be used and sent, let me know. Thanks, Dave davisalf@aol.com
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    Anyone Remember the Airboat Round & Round Races Late 197

    I was just curious if anyone here remembers the airboat races of the late 1970's and early 1980's when the races were run on an oval track? There was trick to getting one of those tiny high powered boats to go around a curve at high speed. I remember Paul Dixon, Ivan Gibson, Bud Bell, Allan...