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    My pictures and albums are missing

    How can I get to my albums and pictures . Says none.
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    Cancelling a AD

    I have requested several times the keys to cancel or edit a ad I never receive them , HELP! Twister69z
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    Just a heads up for sand cast 470 and 520 operators.

    Had a situation where a customer has a O-470 on his airboat. After a few hours the crankshaft broke right at the crankcase face. After surveying the engine installation it was discovered that the original builder installed oil filter in the oil cooler line . For those of you unfamiliar with a...
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    Spacer motor.

    Can someone post a picture of the crankcase /cylinder on spacer motor for Lycoming? Twister69z
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    Actual horsepower of a Lycoming engine?

    Components: O-320 Narrowdeck crankcase O-320 solid flange crankshaft( no lightening holes) Fresh ground airworthy camshaft and tappets GO-480 cylinders with LW 10207 Pistons Electronic ignition 10-5135 160 hp carburetor jets slightly modified Balanced I know this has been done before what is...
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    Mixture control electric solenoid?

    Has anyone found a electric solenoid that can be used with a Marvel Schebler carburetor to actuate the mixture control ? A door lock actuator has too fast action and is to hard on the arm. Just thinking that it may be better than a cable to move the arm to ICO with some type of servo? Twister69z
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    Starter part number or application

    I have what I believe to be a innovative accessories starter kit . It uses a lycoming 149 tooth ring gear on a aluminum hub. What is the application or part number of the starter used on this kit? Help me please, the alternator is a nice lightweight flat belt . This is on a sandcast O-470...
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    4 cylinder with 520 cylinders Lag Angle of the magneto

    Working on a customers boat, 4cylinder with 520 cylinders. Pulled a 1200 series magneto off and found the lag angle of the impulse coupling is 45degrees. The only aircraft similar is the IO-346 uses a20 degree lag on the magneto shower of sparks. What combination is on the PE -90 for a impulse...
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    How about nitrous?

    Lycoming IO-540-K1G5D stock . With the exception of the injection converted to carburetor. What % or amount of Nitrus would give a boost of power not radical enough to need a pitch change of the propeller but still get you unstuck from some sticky mud or grass? Not using this for racing just to...
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    Aftermarket supercharger on Lycoming O-540?

    I am sure this has been done or attempted,has anyone had success putting a aftermarket or automotive supercharger on a O-540? Not interested in the 400 foot race, looking to build some power for moving. Bigger hull with a large family. Tell me your succes story , with type and brand pictures if...
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    Thunder On The Loup

    Who is all going? :old_glory: :rebel: Twister69z
  12. Polymer install

    Polymer install

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    Going rate to r&r polymer ?

    Removing poly and replacing riveting it back on cost per foot or flat rate? Twister69z
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    Nebraska Goes to Texas

    What happens when three Nebraska Airboat Association members are invited to hunt and slide the marsh in Texas? They fuel the boats , fill them with guns and ammunition,and their sons and head to Texas! Had a great time sliding the marsh on Sunday Funday. Enjoyed Southern Hospitality unmatched...
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    A/C power boats...

    Lycoming O-540 260 hp. IN MY OPINION, best all around engine for most uses.
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    Prayers needed

    Darrell Starks ( Elkhorn Valley Airboats) his wife is in ICU , Methodest Hospital , pray for a recovery. They are good friends and fellow airboaters . Thanks Mike Stang AKA Twister69z
  17. .17 Coyote

    .17 Coyote

    My son hunting coyotes opening day of deer season! Kids what can you do?
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    Save the date , more information to follow!

    A fellow airboater and my best friend Dan Czarnecki, had a accident falling off a second story balcony whyle moving his daughter. He among other injuries broke 14 ribs , his scapula ( big shoulder bone) punctured both lungs , dislocated one finger , cracked 6 vertebra . As a result of being in...
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    Support flange for the O-290 G crankshaft.

    Aircraft Spruce used to sell the support flange to help " beef up" the thin flange of the original O-290 GPU flange on the crankshaft. It is no longer made , what are others doing to strengthen these flanges? Anyone else selling a kit? Twister69z
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    Has anyone done the math?

    Has anyone done the math? Continental O-470 PARALLEL Valve. Removing the dish piston, and installing the O-470 dome piston from a ANGLE Valve what compression ratio do you end up with? Remember 7/1 piston from parallel valve engine to a 7/1 angle valve piston. I would even entertain a educated...