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  1. c chardt

    Budget built trailers $1300.00

    Brand New trailers any size any length for what ever you have$1300.00 Budget trailers come standard with (NO CARPET) UP GRADES AVALIABLE 13" tires with (steel wheels) Flush mounted water proof regular tail lights tag light 1000 lbs. wench 1000 lbs. jack with...
  2. airboats_9_13_489


  3. c chardt

    Guy in st cloud with this boat

    looking for the guy in st cloud that owns this boat if you could call me 321 863 2312 thanks chris i lost your number
  4. 09_2012_073


  5. c chardt

    Trailer for broward show

    For all of the south florida people that want to see what Our trilers look like I will have one of my standard trailers with carpet at the show. It will be for sale and you will be able to take it home on sunday after the show. My trailers are fully adjustable to fit just about any boat. or you...
  6. c chardt

    Application for dating my daughter

    APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO DATE MY DAUGHTER NOTE: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, and current medical report from your doctor. NAME_____________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH_____________...
  7. c chardt

    spring hill or brooksville area

    I need to see if some one has a fork lift or something in the spring hill area I don't want to rent one but I will . i would rather pay some one if the could help me load a new machine I just bought will only take 15 to 30 min to load it's about 1000 to 1500 lbs Maybe earliy friday morning
  8. c chardt

    finely a deal on stainless metal works

    Finely found a stainless supplier to get the cost down on stainless metal work and we are running some specials this month look for deals check use at http://www.dakotaairboats.com This months This is a full set of Stainless metal works $3100.00 with 1 Basket, floor board offer only...
  9. c chardt

    Deal for some one

    I have a full set of metal works on 36" stringers with built in jacks aluminum floor boards single driver, double rear with complete seats and rain covers ,Baskets under both seats, gauges and panel & switches, double battery switch and 2 batteries all wired up and running, Rudders, and...
  10. c chardt

    color Idea

    I am wanting to find out what is the most preferred color of metal works just looking for what the majority is after.
  11. c chardt

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to get near a gun!

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to get near a gun! Hmm... let me see. I know I'm forgetting something. Oh well... I'm sure it'll come to me in a second. Sighting in your expensive new deer rifle 1. Shiny new, high-powered deer rifle.............. $1200.00 2. Quality, high-powered...
  12. c chardt

    new front caddie mounts

    If you need a set of new front mounts I have made some new ones that will not sag they are built out of 3/16 thick steel and run $90.00 a pair delivered to your door
  13. c chardt

    old friend

    I just found my old friend that I built 4 or 5 years ago It was my 2 nd boat that I had built and I ran it for a while she don't look as good but I see it's still around and wish I had the money to buy it back had alot of fun with it
  14. c chardt

    small air boat

    I just got this mini air boat it looks to be 9 or 10 foot long and only about 5 or 6 ft wide It came with a 25 hp twin cyl motor I have to find a 1" prop flange and a prop for it and then re rig it for this engine any Ideas on what size prop to run
  15. c chardt

    st johns hunting

    we had a blast for dog days this year I have to thank safari rick for letting me hang out with there crew we caught a lot of hogs and released most of them but kept a few.
  16. c chardt

    here is one for christmas

  17. c chardt

    my new logo dakota airboats

    Just want to let everyone know that my web site will be easier to find just got all of my business licences and everything done. this is my new logo
  18. c chardt

    540 boat for sale REDUCED

    2003 Diamond Back $26000.00 OBO- 12' decked over Airboat - 540 Straight Valve Lycoming Engine with Billet Aluminum Valve Covers (Less than 200 hours) - manual and electric fuel pump - 74 inch Power Shift Propeller - Custom seat covers, K-C Spot lights, all-0ver custom paint, polymer bottom...
  19. c chardt

    air boat races sept 9th 2006

    Looks like we are having the air boat races this year on sept 16 2006 at sarno extention just got the news letter in on this. will be more on it after the meeting this wednesday night at the club house
  20. c chardt

    bravo's square tubing cage

    all new all square tubing cage