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  1. plumcrazy

    checking in

    hey bitches I'm back have i missed anything lol :fishing
  2. plumcrazy

    happy birthday Huntin bigun

    only you would have a birthday on mothers day :slap: happy birthday buddy :thumbleft:
  3. plumcrazy

    cntry141 RIP

    lot of us here lost a good buddy , he fought a good fight and didnt want it known that he was sick .. John will be missed.... my prayers go out to the family... slide easy brother
  4. plumcrazy

    no more gardner marsh

    garner marsh closing in july!!!!!! word is feds are taking it to for a widlife coridor :angry5:
  5. plumcrazy


    DOUBLE NICKLES happy birthday brother keep on sliding 8)
  6. plumcrazy

    trick or treat

    now this is a great costume for fido
  7. plumcrazy

    prayers needed

    my younger daughter Sam is in the hostpital with some serious kidney issues and i,m in need of some prayers to see her through this , the lord said that when two or more come togeather in prayer he will hear . shes got a little boy and girl that need her back home thanks in advance plum
  8. plumcrazy

    Traitors in Talahassee right now !

    cowboy you are truly a modern day Patrick Henry!
  9. plumcrazy

    Happy birthday HuntinBigun

    hope your havin the hunt of your life down in Africa buddy , and happy birthday :thumbleft: lmao
  10. plumcrazy

    florida map

  11. plumcrazy

    rick is shutting down southern airboat

    i have it from a good sorce that SA will go dark shortly due to to many members to moderate white bear is retiring again an going to a harley site :( ...
  12. plumcrazy

    were is carmotor barge im feelin froggy

    i was just thinking about what happen to him , he called me out about kissimee not being a real test for the concept boat so i took it to the glades,it done good there so think im gonna take it north next maybe loughmans and try what its got to offer, and while im there i want to kick some water...
  13. plumcrazy

    warning to huntin bigun

    i know you are going lion hunting in the land of obama in may so i thought i would share this so you might think about takin me with ya to watch your back all expenses paid of course :twisted:
  14. plumcrazy

    vote this bastard OUT!!!

  15. plumcrazy

    Waterwalker concept boat testing

    1st off i like to thank David Wine for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this project, i have learned so much from him . The 1st thing that needs to be understood is this boat has a zz 383 engine from gm its a popular engine and can be had for around 5 grand , it makes...
  16. plumcrazy

    take a short ride with plum

  17. plumcrazy

    how do ya tell when the marsh is getting dry

    you sit at square pond for 3 hours and all you see is jugs 8)
  18. plumcrazy

    wake up brothers and sisters

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdc0sSAdmd8 this song means more now than the first time i played it
  19. plumcrazy

    Water Walker Blue Lightning concept airboat

    Had the pleasure of hanging out with David Wine wed afternoon , we droped the boat on the ground on his property and did some ground pounding this boat is amazing with the on the fly variable pitch , after the 1st of the year i hope to be doing some real world testing of this boat at a marsh...
  20. plumcrazy

    we are represented at lego land