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    Convince me to build a BMW airboat!

    We set up a redfish boat with a modified VanGard. About 50 HP. The hull was 16 X 7. The sides were cut down to 12 inches high. This boat would not run dry unless it was wet grass. It did run 28 mph in skinny water. The best part was the draft was 3 inches. It didn't take much to get it on plane...
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    Retiring and Closing Shop

    I will be 70 years old in October, time for me to retire. I will be closing Airboat Pro on the 30th of this month. On the weekend of 25th and 26th, I will be selling what is left or giving it away. I have the 10 HP 3 Phase Air Compressor in the Classifieds for 1000.00. Make an offer, the highest...
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    EVOPRO 116

    The EVOPRO 116 Airboat is complete. It is powered by a Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88B Engine. We solved our jerking problem by removing the cogged belt pulleys and having V-belt pulleys made. The reduction is 1.54 to one. We have a 66 Inch 3 Blade Sabre and it seems to work good. We haven't put it...
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    Need to locate Ronnie Hess

    Hey Ronnie, I am Chuck at Airboat Pro. You brought a hull to me to ship to Nick Shattler in Canada. Nick had bought the hull from you off the classifieds on this site. Can you call me at 352-330-1015. If Ronnie don't get this and someone knows him, you can PM me his phone number. I just need to...
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    Need a used Blue Lightning Belt Drive

    Anyone wanting to sell a used Blue lightning Belt Drive call Chuck at Airboat Pro. 352-330-1015. Thanks, Chuck
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    OK, here's the project ....

    George sent me 2 pictures. Thanks, Chuck
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    Ecotec Set-up Training

    Due to my health I will be retiring sometime in the fall of this year. I have 5 jobs to finish. Anyone wanting to come to Airboat Pro to learn all about setting up these engines to run standalone are welcome. The classes are free. Some work on these last 5 projects will be expected in the hands...
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    The First Ecotec LF3 is available

    The GM 3.6L V6 Twin Turbo LF3 has become available. Only one. The car has less than 10 miles use. I can get all the parts from this car I need to set it up for an airboat. This engine is 420 HP in the car. My Tuner has a 2014 Cadillac CTS with this engine and has tuned past 475 HP. This is the...
  9. Al


    This boat is for sale. Call Chuck at 352-330-1015
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    Can non-members read HIGH PERFORMANCE TOPICS?

    If not, then the NAADR needs to post their race dates in AIRBOAT TALK so more readers will know when the races are. Chuck
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    How are the Eco Techs holding up

    I don't know what Dave was doing with a 4 cyl. We never worked on anything together. Snap!!!!, Sunday morning after i had heard that term, i installed the 3 blde 76 inch Maximus. I took a little pitch out. took one of my customers from Alaska to the river with JB550's boat. The prop snapped...
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    How are the Eco Techs holding up

    After a visit to AFI's website, i copied the dyno sheets for the 2.4L Stage 2 and the Stage 3 engine package. I added my estimate of what i think it would cost to have them running on your new boat. This is inline with what we charge for the 2.0L Directed Injected set-up. Thanks, Chuck
  13. GM Fuel Pump weld rings

    GM Fuel Pump weld rings

    These weld rings are for mounting the GM stock fuel pump into your aluminum fuel tank.
  14. JB550


    David from Water Walker installed this 3 Blade Maximus on JB's 2.0L LTG boat and JB decided to keep it. Looks boss on such a small engine.
  15. 2.0L LTG

    2.0L LTG

    JB550's Ecotec LTG 2.0L Turbo.
  16. Ecotec Gear Reduction  Adaptor

    Ecotec Gear Reduction Adaptor

    This Adaptor is for the 2.0L Turbo LNF and LHU. It has oil cooler ports so no drilling and taping on the engine. It will also work on the 2.2 and 2.4L Ecotecs, just don't use the oil ports. These are in stock.
  17. LTG 2.0L Turbo

    LTG 2.0L Turbo

    This is a 2013 Caddy ATS all wheel drive engine. A 3rd Gen Ecotec 2.0L Turbo LTG. It develops 18 % more torque than the LHU. It is 441.4 lbs with the new direct fit Ballistic 2.3 Reduction, Flex Plate, Starter, Alternator, ECM, Motor Mounts with Rubbers, bolts, and Engine Stand Cones. This engine is
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    Nebraska Trip

    Is anyone driving a truck to Nebraska or near Nebraska this week? I have a 2.4L Ecotec mounted on engine stand and need to get it to Platte River Airboats. Call me at 352-330-1015 and we can work out payment. Thanks, Chuck
  19. Intercooler side

    Intercooler side

    This shows how the intercooler is mounted vertical. Less piping
  20. Ecotec 2.0L Turbo LHU

    Ecotec 2.0L Turbo LHU

    This 2.0L LHU Turbo is stock with Performance tune. With the 2.38 OX Box it turns a 3 Blade 76 inch Maximus by Water Walker. With Variable Valve Timing, 4 Valves per cylinder and Direct Injection, it is all the power you need for a 13 or 14 ft boat.