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    Jap Alternator

    Jap Alternator, my brothers alt is puttingout 18.5 volts. Looking for the infor to replace it. Brand, part#, and yr. would like A SE single wire. Pic are posted in my gallery. Thanks, Hal
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    Need some help, broke down on Hatch

    Need help, have boat broke down on Hatch. Need infor for AirTec starter. Leaving ramp now with jumper cables. Feel free to tex or call. 8 six 3 968 three 6 49. Thanks Hal It's a lyco h2ad
  3. MK V dive helmet

    MK V dive helmet

    USN MK V dive Helmet
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    Need Jason Wolf to call me

    Have been calling him, but he is not responding or returning my calls. Is he okay or has he lost his phone? If any of you contact him, have him call me. He has my HM and cell phone numbers. I need to have some old parts returned and have some issues addressed on some work that he recently did...
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    Weather report for catfish hotel, needed

    Need weather report for east orange county. Sitting dry on cabin. How long til it clears? Have grandson with me. All is well. Dsd
  6. harpoon gator points

    harpoon gator points

    I prefer the old style points, To me they hold up better, hold just has well. We sometimes hunt out of 3 and 4 boats. My boys take the old style points every time, and leave me with the left overs.


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    GPS Tracker, for boat/car

    http://www.rmtracking.com/gpsproducts/vehicle_recovery/smart_tracker.php Lst yr , people where talking about ways to keep track of your Shiet!!!! Well, things have heated up, and the Shiet has hit the fan in east central Fl. Anybody have a better system? The RMT seems like a fair deal and a...
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    Have been trying to get a hold of Dave. Sent PM and phone call. No reply. Is he alive and well? V/R DSD
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    Airtec starters

    Can you wire the airtec starter with out using a selinoid? On my boat, I use a ford selinoid. Somewhere, I think , I heard someone mention that they did not use a selinoid on the airtec starter for Lycoming engine. If this is possible, could you tell me how to do it or post a pic. Also, I will...
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    It's been a lean summer for the "eye candy"

    Just did not want the "Dudmister" to go into a deep depression. Hope this, gets it rolling! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuQ8Q7admBE&feature=related
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    Miles per gallon

    I have asked Rick to move it to main page. sorry!!! Today, went for a 87.4 mile ride. Went from hwy 50 to possum bluff. Them back to hwy 50. From there went up to hwy 46. Then back to the Econ and all the way to the powerlines, turned around and headed back to hwy 50. Then went south again to...
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    Land West of Bull $hit Hill, St Johns River

    Went for a long ride yesterday from Hwy 50 to 46 and up the econ. while heading north from baxter point on west side I could see some heavy equip. When I pulled up to "BS" there was 3 excavators and a few dump trucks. Look like they had taken the dike down to half it's height. Looks like they...
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    st Johns River: fishing report

    Went out fishing on Sunday, started south of hwy 50: Hitting the deep bends: tossing beatle spins using ulta lite rods and 4 lbs test: Lots of specks hand size, few 12 inchers. Blue gills: purple cooper heads. hitting hard, many 1 1/4 thick, the ones with deformed heads. Schooling bass: lots of...
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    water conditions and hazards near Loughman's

    Water is real low on the river. Lots of high banks. River is very narrow. Right at loughmans there are two pvc markers near boat drop, looks like post or concret survey marker. Leaving the lodge and heading south towards the bird tower about 1/2 way on west side is a stump with white pvc...
  16. another_day_011


    The medical field know s little about the healing powers of an airboat ride. Thats some powerful medicine!!
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    Pigs everywhere on St Johns

    Been riding south of 50 for the last couple of weeks. Pigs are every where. Yesterday driving from hwy 50 to Possum, The amount of beer bottles and cans left in the river and banks is just sickening. There where 5 brown beer bottles south of PawPaw's to catfish, just floating in the river. There...
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    Plug GAP

    changing plugs on lyc h2ad , 0320, 160 hp, Motor has been converter to auto plugs. Whats the gap for autolite 386 and champ d-16? Thanks Diver
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    Curfew on TOHO?

    Whats the deal?
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    The loss of a Great American goes un-noticed

    Col bud Mahurin, what a great man. We lose them everyday. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bud_Mahurin