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  1. Seminole Wind

    The 46 Crew Reunion

    Would anyone be up for a good ol 46 Crew blowout ? :old_glory: :rebel:
  2. Seminole Wind

    Happy Birthday Geneva O550!!

    :old_glory: :occasion4: :occasion7: :occasion9: :occasion5: Happy B'day Dave!!! :proud:
  3. Seminole Wind

    Ropin' a deer.

    Actual letter from someone who farms, writes well and tried this: I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a couple of weeks, then kill it and eat it. The first step in this adventure was getting a deer. I figured that, since they...
  4. Seminole Wind

    Happy B'day Buckshot!!!

    :old_glory: :toothy7: :cheers: :proud: :violent1: :wav: :occasion7: :occasion1: :occasion9: :pottytrain2: :pottytrain2: :pottytrain2: :pottytrain2: :pottytrain5: :occasion5: :occasion4: Ol' Buddy!!!!!! :bootyshake: :blob7: :pottytrain3: :thefinger: :thefinger: :thefinger...
  5. Seminole Wind

    Happy Birthday Lil' Beave!!!!!

    ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ :bounce: :occasion6: :occasion1: :occasion7: :occasion9: :occasion4: :wav: Happy Birthday tomorrow Lil' Sister!!!!!!!!!
  6. Seminole Wind

    BEST BUY......FTMF!!!!!

    If you purchase something from Wal-Mart, Sears, etc.and you return the item with the receipt, they will give you your money back if you paid cash, or credit your account if paid by plastic. Well, I purchased a GPS, a Tom Tom XL.S from Best Buy. They have a policy that it must be returned within...
  7. Seminole Wind

    Happy Birthday Shrimp Lady!!!!

    Happy Birthday young lady!!!! :bounce: :wav: :wave: :occasion6: :occasion5: :occasion4: :occasion9: :occasion7:
  8. Seminole Wind

    Happy Birthday Kid Studley!!!!

    :occasion9: :bounce: :wav: :wav: :wav: :wav: :wav: Have a good ol' good'n tomorrow Dudley!!!!! :occasion5: :occasion6: :occasion7: :occasion4:
  9. Seminole Wind


    Subject: 1% transaction tax proposed. Please read and pass it on to all you know.......... The bill is HR-4646 introduced by US Rep Peter deFazio D-Oregon and US Senator Tom Harkin D-Iowa. It is now in committee and will probably not be brought out until after the Nov. elections. Suggest...
  10. Seminole Wind

    Planepower is a Birthday Boy!!!!

    _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ :bounce: :bounce: :wav: :occasion5: :occasion6: :pottytrain5: :pottytrain2: :occasion9: :occasion9: :laughing5: :laughing5: :occasion4: Happy Birthday you funny feller :lol...
  11. Seminole Wind

    Body Found in River

    :shock: The Salem Oregon Police Department reports finding a man's in the Willamette River, just west of the Marion Bridge. The dead man's name is being withheld until his family is notified. The victim apparently drowned due to excessive intoxication and drug use. He was...
  12. Seminole Wind

    This is a real obituary in the Salt Lake City Tribune. It'

    ROBERT SNYDER Jr. Robert W. Snyder, Jr. 1947 ~ 2010 Bob left us on June 19th after a day of doing what he loved, sailing the BJ at Soldier Creek with good friends and family. Bob was born September 2, 1947, at Mitchel Field AFB, in New York , the only son of Charlotte and Robert Snyder. After...
  13. Seminole Wind

    A true story.................A must read for all Americans!

    Six Boys And Thirteen Hands... Each year I am hired to go to Washington, DC with the eighth grade class from Clinton, WI where I grew up, to videotape their trip. I greatly enjoy visiting our nation's capitol, and each year I take some special memories back with me. This fall's trip was...
  14. Seminole Wind

    It finally arrived.

    Just wanted to let you know I received my stimulus package today. It contained two watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, and 10 coupons to KFC. The directions were in Spanish. :shock:
  15. Seminole Wind


    :wav: :occasion1: :occasion6: :occasion7: :occasion9: :occasion4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!!! THANKS FOR ALL THAT YA DO AND FOR BEING THE HEARTBEAT OF THE 46 CREW. LOVE YA GIRL AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :wav:
  16. Seminole Wind


    ____________________________________________________________________ :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :idea: :occasion5: :occasion1: :occasion9: :occasion4: :occasion6: :occasion7: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!!!
  17. Seminole Wind


    :drunken: :wav: :occasion6: :occasion9: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion4: Hope ya have a good one tomorrow Bud!!!!!
  18. Seminole Wind

    Happy Birthday Mr. Wright!!!!

    :wav: :occasion6: :occasion5: :occasion7: :occasion4: :occasion4: Happy birthday Bishop and thank you for all that you do to further our passion!!!!!
  19. Seminole Wind


    :bounce: :bounce: :bom: :wav: :occasion7: :occasion6: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion1: :occasion4: :occasion9: :occasion9: Happy well deserved birthday my friend!!!!! :occasion5: :occasion1: :occasion4: :occasion4: :occasion7: :occasion9: :occasion9...
  20. Seminole Wind

    Prayers Needed.....Sister Down!!!

    I just talked to Jr. Lyles and Queenie is in I.C.U. at Bert Fish Memorial with a collapsed lung. No further details available to me, to pass on at this point, but I know y'all know what to do.