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  1. Waterthunder

    2.55 vs 2.68 Data

    We were playing around today because a customer swore his boat pushed better at wide open with a 2.55 over a 2.68 ratio. Over the past 15 years we have seen everytime with the same change pitch the 2.55 turns around 300RPM 's less with the same exact prop. So for a 2.55 to turn the same RPM as...
  2. Waterthunder

    Pushrod motors vs overhead cam

    I was just explaining this on Northern site and thought some on here would be interested. Pushrod motor has more valve velocity which means more port velocity. This enhances throttle response and torque. The over head valve design generally the valves move slower. Pushrod has a advantage at...
  3. Waterthunder

    WaterThunder is building the new FORD Godzilla motor

    Waterthunder Performance is building a FORD for a airboat! We have been looking forward to this for 2 years. We tried getting one of Fords new Godzilla motors from John Kaase 2 years ago. It's Fords 1st pushrod motor in decades I believe it is their attempt for a option to their diesel engine...
  4. Waterthunder

    Fun motor with junk Shop Dropping's

    I haven't been on the site in years. We have been slammed in the shop but I'm taking on a fun project for me. My goal is to build a nasty ass motor with all junk shop dropping parts. Going to be fun and push some envelopes using damaged parts. 1st Off is Im using a block from another marine...
  5. Waterthunder

    Some real good engine prop thrust Data

    https://southernairboat.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/rtMedia/users/585/2018/09/thrust-graph-cut-trim.jpg A lot of data correlates on this sheet. I was talking to someone at Sensenich about testing of a different blade profile and they said with prop thrust a REAL good base number with a reducted...
  6. Waterthunder

    Thrust testing for Sensenich today!

    Get ready folks the guys at Sensenich have came up with a new blade profile its making more thrust with less surface area. Going to be a game changer. We tested 3 different blades back to back to back with the same air temp, humidity and corrected altitude the proto type blade made more thrust...
  7. Waterthunder

    Two killer mini or 12ft airboat motors

    I had a cool mini motor project going on that I never finished. I have two JUST FRESHENED up EFI SUBARU motors, one is a 4cyl completely gone thru we did a head swap for lowend torque and power. The other is a Subaru 6 cylinder which also was completely gone thru. Both motors are insainly light...
  8. Waterthunder

    Freedom Ride

    The freedom ride is in February right? How many SA members plan on riding it. Over the years I have been missing all these rides because of travel ball team I have been managing for 5 years. But now our players are entering high school. And we don't have any tourneys till HS season is over. And...
  9. Waterthunder

    REAL!!!! GPU Continental cam specs

    It's been 15 years since I built my last A/C motor but I have a racing buddy who did the usual. Stroked a motor , ran a longer Lycoming rod, Put in dome pistons and jacked the compression way up. Then ran a stock or mild cam and now wonders why the motor lays over on the big end. After calling 5...
  10. Waterthunder

    Sunk WaterThunder Motor help

    I received a call from a customer this weekend who sunk their boat. So we went over these procedures. When a boat is sunk the 1st thing you should do is turn off the battery switch an pull the ground wire off the battery. His boat was upside down and completely submerged for over a day and...
  11. Waterthunder

    2015 Hamant with 550HP ?? Thunder Power

    Wade an the guy's built one hell of a SWEET boat this thing is a beast. She rides so sweet in the water and cruises effortlessly. We loved the phone call from Wade asking whats up with this 550HP. Our 550HP motors have come to the point where a 3 blade is no where near enough prop. Wade said...
  12. Waterthunder

    Alli Laforce CBS gator Hunting with a customer of ours.

    Pretty cool video a customer of ours is in. He says they play the video at the LSU home games. NxdfnKcEH7A
  13. Waterthunder

    PEE WEE's last NAADR unlimited race.

    The season finally NAADR race will be PEE WEE's last unlimited race. After a lifetime of hard racing and 2 championships Chuck an me feel PEE WEE deserves a good retirement to a nice family ride boat. She got her name PEE WEE because she is the smallest motor in her class at only 427 cubic...
  14. Waterthunder

    9 year OLD WaterThunder EFI motor

    A customer just brought his boat in to install a new waterpump. I was looking at the airdoor and had to laugh. We built this motor over 9 years ago back then nobody made a good airdoor for an LS yet so we took a factory fly bye wire one and modified it. Changed the shaft and added a throttle arm...
  15. Waterthunder

    WaterThunder Sensenich video Over 2,000 pounds of thrust

    This is a old video and now that we don't use this EFI controler and we have progressed far from these day's. I was going to share it we did not want to share our data acquisition equipment so we used a volt meter to display the thrust data, and a hand held weather station to show corrected...
  16. Waterthunder

    Neils Scorpion WaterThunder DD

    Been having a ball with this boat, she cruises at 1400RPM's. We still have a ton of work we need to make some major rigging changes but so far she has ran very impressive even out ran a SBC with a gearbox on a step hull wends night at laughmans. Plus 3 other 406 V/8 SBC boats with gearboxes and...
  17. Waterthunder

    Hamant's new facilities!

    I have got to say I saw Hamants new shop location today now their move has been completed. I must congratulate the guy's. In today's world many people despise success and seeing companies or people grow, I have known these guy's for a long time and it makes me happy to see someone succeeding due...
  18. Waterthunder

    Race Results????????

    I have been at a softball tournament all day and haven't heard much about the races. Any results come in yet?
  19. Waterthunder

    Lake Washington restrictions are coming!

    I'm sure a few of you already know a lady has moved within a mile of lake Washington about a year ago and has been complaining to the county commissioners, sheriffs department and various government officials. She has some people looking into a curfew of Lake Washington and is using the Lake...
  20. Waterthunder

    Brodix 582 BBC EFI motor

    This will be a interesting combination and should make a nice little ride boat motor she will not make big HP numbers on the dyno but I think somethings in this combination will have some people scratching their heads. If it runs like I think it maybe a game changer but then again we could have...