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  1. White Hawk

    15' panther help choosing reduction and prop

    There is a ton of info in the archives of this site. a 2.68 will allow you to swing a wider and larger prop. The gearbox is a torque multiplier. The JX or JR series are good examples of a prop style that can be effectivly paired with a 2.68. You will add pitch to your prop to get your W.O.T. or...
  2. White Hawk

    Fire Department look for an airboat

    I believe you are in the big block range. I have a 600 HP purpose built on a 14' hull. You will want the extra motor to extend the duty cycle of the engine. My 600 Hp would be too small for the rig you are describing.
  3. White Hawk

    Pitch and Tachometer Verify and Get It Right !!!

    For those of you who do not know this already many of the tachometers that we use are not accurate. All of our motors have a sweet spot and the sweet spot can be identified by RPM. For those of you who do not know when you adjust your prop to add or remove pitch we are looking for that desired...
  4. White Hawk

    Airboaters Alliance Time To Unite

    What's it going to take to get "All of us" to ride together. Let's Ride!!!
  5. White Hawk

    Anyone running Sensenich JX? If so what pitch & WOT RPM

    I have not read so much about the Sensenich JX so if anyone is running them what pitch and what WOT RPM are you running them at?
  6. White Hawk

    Holliday Season Who's Running? Where and When?

    With the holidays coming up I cant help but think of all the great places to ride! Where are you planing on burning some fuel? From Citrus County to Dade County the trails are a plenty. I've had my eye on the running Vero north, great fishing good running! :florida:
  7. White Hawk

    Higher Cruise Speed! Need Help From The Pros....

    What set up will allow an operator to enjoy a cruise speed in the 50's or even better 60's without burning up the power plant. I have been airboating for over twenty years in South Florida, I know some builders who like to ride fast. Free running hull, Hull Length, Deck Over, Prop type, Prop...