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  1. Sunset in Bay Port

    Sunset in Bay Port

    Stopped for dinner in Bay Port.
  2. On Saginaw Bay

    On Saginaw Bay

    On Saginaw Bay stopped for a drink break.
  3. Fish Point Sunset

    Fish Point Sunset

    Sunset at Fish Piont Waterfowl Area
  4. Fish Point Fog

    Fish Point Fog

    Fog at Fish point Waterfowl Area
  5. Cneducks11

    Show off your ride!! Lets see what your sliding around on..

    09 Diamondback 440Hp 383 2.68 Rotator 3 Blade R Born in Florida but lives in Michigan now! :thumbleft:
  6. Just out of the water on the bay

    Just out of the water on the bay

    Just out of the water at Geiger Rd on the Bay
  7. Swamp Harley

    Swamp Harley

    Swamp Harley rudder art
  8. Almost Done

    Almost Done

    Getting closer almost Max4HD Camo4u vinyl installed. Just a little paint to go
  9. Cneducks11

    Lapeer Ducks Unlimited Dinner Saturday May 12th 5:30 pm

    Tickets $40 or table of 8 for $300. PM me for for more info or tickets.
  10. Cneducks11

    GTO Airboats???

    Looking for reviews. Going to buy a new boat and I think GTO is what I want. 16' 509/520 2.68 Rotator 3 blade Senenich S. Hunting and cruising boat. Thanks!