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  1. Rick McC.

    Bad vibration at 800rpm and below

    Yep; A# = Bb…. 👍
  2. Rick McC.

    Question for those that attempted their first stringer replacement

    Sure; having a flat bottom before you start, and easy to keep flat during the stringer replacement process. If I was doing an airboat project and Mr. Fenner commented; I’d damn sure listen…
  3. Rick McC.

    New to airboats - Looking for a fisher

    Thank you Sir; I was my Dad’s boat and will never be sold…
  4. Rick McC.

    LS Motors.

    I have two friends who’re running LS motors in their airboats, and my son is having a new one built with an LS motor. They seem to run real good.
  5. Rick McC.

    New to airboats - Looking for a fisher

    I have an 18X8 hull with a 425 HP 454 CID motor, with a 2:1 reduction belt drive. The boat was built in ‘06, and is stiii doing fine now. Fishing four out of it isn’t a problem, and throughout it‘s entire life the boat has been run in salt water.
  6. Rick McC.

    Top 5 Water Management Logos in Florida

    SWFWMD; because they do a very good job. I know; because I was their first Ombudsman.
  7. Rick McC.

    Flotation Exemption to Expire

    Looks level from here… I’ve never seen or heard of any airboat sunk in deep water that didn’t immediately go upside down before hitting the bottom.
  8. Rick McC.

    Unsolved Summer Riddler

  9. Rick McC.

    Florida's biggest stream?

    d. (Gulf Stream)
  10. Rick McC.

    Yeah, He Did That.

    Sad but true…. 😱
  11. Rick McC.

    Kevlar Prop Maintenance

    I wipe mine down with 303 Protectant 3-4 times a year, and keep a tarp over the cage.
  12. Rick McC.

    Birthday RICK!!

    Happy Birthday Sir!
  13. Rick McC.

    Alternative hulls for airboats

    I run mine in deep and shallow saltwater all the time.
  14. Rick McC.

    Distributor Timing Advance

    If I'm understanding what I've read here correctly; why does everyone say it's best to disconnect the vacuum advance from the distributor, and run a static distributor timing when an automotive engine is used to power an airboat? I'm pretty much lost on this...
  15. Rick McC.

    Grandpa's Airboat

    The wife and I had a great day fishing today. We didn't catch any fish, but still had a good time out on the water. It was our first time out on the airboat since my Dad had passed it on to me. He had me doing all the driving the last couple of years, and my son and I had done a bit of work...