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    Fire Department look for an airboat

    First off I wanna say I have zero ice or snow experience, since I live in Florida. The boat you describe sounds very heavy duty and heavy. Most say for the LS engine platform that 15 foot should be the limit for that engine platform. And after 15 foot go with a big block platform. Hopefully some...
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    I spoke with Daren at Sensenich yesterday, he was very helpful and took the time to answer my questions. He was having phone problems and the line would cut out, he was prompt to call me back to make sure he had answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable guy, and a pleasure to deal with. In...
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    Looks Like I'ma gonna be a Caddy Guy - Now What?

    Now you've done it FISHSTICKER!
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    Cool Video

    Awesome, Love it when the kids score!!!
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    1984 3.8l Ford thunderbird

    Back in the day the old Ford modules would heat heat and shut down. One evening I could drive about 10 miles then it would shut off and I would have to pour ice water on it to go another 10 then repeat. But that is obliviously not Lanzar's problem.