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    Headwaters lake Airboat BAN

    No airboats in Fellsmere's Headwaters Lake, but I suggested "like for like" no outboards in Stickmarsh/Farm 13. Here's response... Airboats are prohibited at Headwaters due to the stipulations that were agreed upon by the SJRWMD and Fellsmere Joint Ventures as part of the sale of the property...
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    Crusader 502xl ECU.

    Anyone know a good repair/reprogrammer for GM Marine ECU in Florida. I have a 1995 Crusader 502xl and I believe the ecu quit working, it won't turn on power to the ignition coil or fuel pump
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    502 prop help

    I'm in the process of putting an airboat together, it's a 15x8 aluminum/stainless rigged panther ( built for South Florida water management) I've put a Crusader 502xl Marine engine on it with a 2.37 gearbox. I bought ( Warp Drive Replacement) blades 82" 6 blade for a hub I already had, dealer...
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    Rotator flexplate problem

    Anybody bought a new Rotator with soft drive for a BBC and had 3 bolts between soft drive and flexplate not line up? My soft drive has two different bolt pattern diameters for some damn reason, 3 one location - 3 another. What'd you do to fix it?
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    Cadillac 500, torque-prop

    Can/will a Cadillac 500 with a 1.77 belt drive be loaded down to peak torque 3,000 rpm and swing/perform with a super wide blade prop designed to run at 1,700rpm
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    500 caddy prop????

    500 caddy with 1.77:1 belt drive on 16' airgator 80" 6blade warpdrive. Looking for more push on this heavy boat. Sensenich says 79" 2 blade R model, Waterwalker falcon 3 blade 80", Whirlwind whisper tip 2.0 3 blade. What do ya'll think.
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    Briggs 35hp or 4a084 + belt drives

    Thinking about building a mini, which engine would be better the Briggs 35hp or the 4a084. Specs show a 140lb weight saving on the briggs, but is there enough horsepower with the O84 to overcome it? Also who's making belt drives for these engines? Thanks :florida: :rebel:
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    084 032

    Does the 084 mount in the same spot as a 032, and is the bell housing the same?
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    4a032 prop ???

    I have a 11x6 fiberglass airboat running a 4a032 engine with a cheap 2.5:1 belt drive I bought off ebay, I am running a 54" wood 3 blade prop. This prop is not performing like I want, I think it's in the ballpark for size but I'm not sure. I have talked to Warp Drive with no answers, and RND...
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    Do ya'll think an airfoil like the one posted in Airboat Talk would do any good on a mini?
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    wanted: propeller

    I am looking for a 58" left hand, 2 blade, adjustable propeller.
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    032 carb

    What is a good replacement carb for a 4A032?
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    4a032 Starter

    What car (make, model, year) starter are ya'll using for the 4a032 engines?
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    ABC boycott

    Jim Neugent is a coach in Childress , Texas . Jim writes: My name is Jim Neugent. I wrote to ABC (on-line) concerning a program called 'THE PRACTICE.' In last nights episode, one of the lawyer's mothers decided she is gay and wanted her son to go to court and help her get a marriage...
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    Slick bottom

    What name brand slick bottom do you guys like to use, going on a fiberglass mini. I have never used any before and need some input.
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    frog spit

    Will frog spit fill holes in a fiberglass hull, after removing polymer?
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    looking for a mini hull

    I am looking for a mini hull 8-10 feet long around 5.5 wide aluminum or fiberglass no polymer, would like one under 150lbs and close to Fort Pierce, Fl.
  18. belt_drive


    Looking for one of these, a belt drive for a 4a032 engine
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    4a032 belt drive?

    Does anyone built a belt drive for the 4a032, or is there one that can be adapted? Would one that fits a Cuyuna 20-45HP engine be modified to work?
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    Hull size

    How would a 11' 9" x 76" hull approx. 190lbs work with a 4a032?