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    need advise

    I can not figure out were to set my prop depth in hull, transom depth is 24 in. i am running a 200 hp ecotec na have a 2.37 rotator box whirlwind advised a 78 2.0 prop how deep would i run that prop in hull . boat is 13.5 x 7.6 need it more like a tractor then for speed being used on ice thanks
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    locking down prop

    I searched this cant find anything, when hauling boat down the road prop turns is it ok to lock it down so engine don't turn or will it mess up the prop at 70 on the highway
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    local mini airboat

    i am in south tampa area vacationing were is good place i can check out some of the mini airboats
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    prop vs engine rotation

    can any one help me with this if a prop warp drive has a left hand rotation on a tractor with gear box is that the same as a left hand pusher with beltdrive with counter clockwise rotation engine
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    ivo prop

    would a 64in 3 blade ivo prop be to much for a 60 hp at 7500rpm with a 2.75 redrive be to much prop or would i be better of making it a 2 blade and set the pitch on a 6ft6 wide boat thanks
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    snowmobile engine set up help

    hi everyone new to the airboat world would like to build a boat i have a good supply of snowmobile engines yamaha i used to race them on half mile oval would like to start with 440 fan cooled 55 hp at 7500 rpm were or who would have the best redrive for that and prop and size thinking of using...