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    Kissimmee water levels check

    Planning a ride tomorrow and have not been out in several months. What’s the water levels like in the marsh. What’s the easiest way in With Biden fuel in the boat, I wanna take her easy lol
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    Hunting lease

    Any reasonably priced lease openings located within 6 hours of Polk County?
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    Purpose of cutdown hulls

    I see with the back part cut down. What’s the point of doing this?
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    Move to a Duck boat

    Anyone move from an airboat to a duck boat. Any regrets?
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    Last years Gator mount

    Picked up my gator from last season. What y’all think?
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    Kissimmee Lodging

    You used to be able to park them on the dirt portions by the ramps for free, but now these areas are only for launching and retrieving. Now, you can leave your boat in the water as long as you rent one of the many docks they built on the canal. I think they were 10.00 a day when I checked last.
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    Kissimmee water

    I was out in the marsh couple weeks ago and water was everywhere. Anyone ride today that can advise if it’s still that way
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    Flipping boat to apply slick bottom

    Anyone flipping their boat on the side to put new slick on, or is everyone taking all the stuff out? Finally seeing some wear on the bottom. Don’t run much dry. It’s a car motor after all :toothy7: :stirpot:
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    Wheres all the wildlife?

    Besides cows, turkeys, and other birds, I have only seen one deer in the past two years on the Kissimmee Chain. Is anyone seeing any hogs or deer?
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    Story Behind the Yacht Club

    Spent some time on Lake Hatchineha yesterday and wound up getting caught in a storm. Luckily, I was right by the Yacht Club and was able to take shelter. It got me thinking. Who are the people that built the club and how was all that material moved to the location. It’s nice to have a good spot...
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    Gator mount ideas

    Was fortunate enough to have another successful gator season. This year we took our personal best gator at 11,7” and 400 pounds. This gator had a good head for a mount and I have an idea as to what I want. I think I want the head mounted in a way to show the skin around the neck and the front...
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    Anyone using hang-on stands

    Looking at the muddy hang on stand. Liked their climbing sticks but seems they only sell stands these days.
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    Personal best bass using a frog lure

    Caught my personal best relating to the frog lure. Didn’t get a weight but was 24” in length. Wasn’t in the fishing tourney but them boys were a watchin [youtube-video]https://youtu.be/0trcIx5gDnI[/youtube-video]
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    Boat Ramp Etiquette

    What is the deal with people and the use of a boat ramp. Do you really feel the need to back onto the ramp and then begin to prepare your boat for the day? the answer is NO! park out of the way when preparing to unload or after loading and preparing to head home. Yes, your fancy truck is shiny...
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    Anyone run the marsh this weekend?

    well?? Was anyone in there this weekend. Suuuuurrrreeeeee seemed green and dry
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    Sunken Poles north side of Hatchineha

    Watch out for them poles on the north side. There is one I haven't seen before on the outside of the grass line in the northwest corner. It is just before or just past where the canal is that leads into Lake Hatchineha. I see that someone put flags, cones, and a marker around the pole near...
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    Rural King Fence Post

    Shopping around for materials to put a fence in. Surprisingly, Rural King in Lake Wales has the best price from what I have found. has anyone used their post for a project and can speak for their quality? Looking to get twenty years or so from the fence.
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    How much weight can you carry

    On my skiff there is a sticker that says x number of people or x amount of weight. Typically this translates into some non-corn fed sized people. There’s no such sticker on the airboat. I see some boats rollin around with some Polk county sized people. Seems too much for the boat but the boats...
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    Scuba Diving Video

    Have not been diving in a while. Posted this video of some random diving footage at different places in Florida. Anyone have any other good diving spots? [youtube-video]https://youtu.be/v6mLawLdTYI[/youtube-video]
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    Air filter size

    What size air filter is everyone running on a SBC setup? Also, what do you have for rain protection or cover.