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  1. J

    Russell Knapp

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Russell Knapp in Bushnell. ?
  2. J

    470 conversion

    All Doing a GPU O470 conversion. Got the core torn down and started to check tolerance on the crank rods and found three to have a little more slop than I would like. Still inside of scope but figure I am in this far why not get er right. Who is a good go to for crank rods and bearings. Any...
  3. J

    Use O520 mags on a dual mag GPU can I?

    I am currently getting a dual mag GPU ready to do a 470 conversion on. Got the motor torn down and inspected everything. Crank bearings and rods seem to be well within tolerance and feel pretty good about everything else. But now I am thinking about the small stuff. Got a pair of 470/520 mags...
  4. J

    220 mag for sale

    Has anybody around lake O got a 220 mag for sale that I could buy today reasonable. I live in Lakeport and just finished a rebuild. Went to start it yesterday so I could wet test and found I have a bad coil in the mag. Been worried about it and rightfully so l guess. Anywhere sebring okeechobee...
  5. J

    Reminder before the Florida Primaries

    I got this email this morning and wanted to share in a large forum. Just a reminder before the Florida Primaries: Fell free to pass it on. :florida: Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening. The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised...
  6. J

    Hot question of the day.

    Folks I just went to the courthouse to buy my 2012 Boat and trailer tags. Boy it hurts sometimes. As I was standing there looking at all of the vanity plates hanging on the wall it occurred to me there was no vanity plate that represents Air Boats in Florida. Now they have Ducks tags Snook...
  7. J

    New? type fastners for poly install

    Has anybody out there seen the fastner (bolt) that leaves a semi smooth surface inside the hull after installing poly. I thought that I saw them on a boat up at the GTO swap meet a couple of years ago. I am getting ready to put poly on my boat and wanted to use these fastners if they exsist...
  8. J

    Just Gotta Know.

    Got some questions. 1st question:Just bought my first Lycoming always enjoyed GPU in the past kinda like drivin a Ford hard to change. I need to find an intake air filter for an 0370 (150 HP). Need the entire assembly. Kind of thinking about doing a little customizing on this boat and looking...