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 Support Southern Airboat

To help cover some of the expenses of maintaining, we've come up with a site support program that will, hopefully, generate some funds & return something back to site supporters at the same time. Site Support payments of $25.00 or more will upgrade an existing Southern Airboat Member to "Site Supporter" status. is and will remain a free website for everyone, but Site Supporters with active accounts will have additional benefits that include:

  • 10 times more disc space in your personal picture gallery. 100MB becomes 1000MB, giving you more space for posting your airboat pictures.
  • The daily picture upload limit (4) is increased to (16).
  • Membership to the "The Board". "The Board" is a private forum for Site Supporters. The topic? Well, usually it's site or group related....but it could be just about anything else as well...not many rules back there.
  • Four Southern Airboat stickers for your airboat, truck, etc. (more if you need them).

Site Support is accumulative and there are eight different levels of support that will be recognized on supporting member posts:

  • Level 1: $25.00-$49.00 
  • Level 2: $50.00-$74.00
  • Level 3: $75.00-$99.00
  • Level 4: $100.00-$199
  • Level 5: $200.00-$299
  • Level 6: $300.00-$399
  • Level 7: $400.00-$499
  • Level 8: $500.00 and above

Credit card payments are processed by PayPal. Signing up for a PayPal account is no longer required to make a credit card payment.

PayPal & Credit Card Payments

Check or Money Order Payments


Please understand that refunds are not possible unless a refund request is made within a few days after payment. Thank You

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